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Release 4.0

Fractal Window

This window displays the fractal as it is rendered by ChaosPro. As soon as you select a new entry ChaosPro will automatically open this window and start rendering. In case you manually closed the window, you can open it (and thus start the calculation) by clicking onto the green traffic light in the toolbar.

Because the fractal is calculated by a thread inside ChaosPro, you can continue to work with ChaosPro and, for example, calculate yet another fractal. Then just another thread is created, another window is opened, even more memory is allocated. You can continue doing so, until your computer runs out of memory.

Because the thread is a low priority thread you can continue to work with other applications. The system should be as fast as normal. The thread responsible for the calculation uses your processor only if nobody else wants it.

Depending on the fractal type different actions using the mouse and keyboard are supported in this window.

Keyboard actions

  • Cursor keys let you move the fractal around by one pixel per key press. If you hold down the shift key, you can move the fractal around by 10 pixels per key press.
  • Space bar or Return key lets you zoom in (same as double click). If you hold down the Shift key and press the space bar or the return key then you zoom out.
  • F5 tells ChaosPro to recalculate the fractal. F2 lets you rename the fractal. But these shortcuts are displayed in the menu bar, too, so have a look there to see what key combination performs which action.

Mouse actions in 2D mode

The following mouse operations have a special meaning: They are applicable only in 2D mode.
  • First of all, you can move the fractal around by simply dragging it, i.e. by pressing the left mouse button and moving the mouse. The thread responsible for calculating the fractal will detect these operations and try to catch up in calculating the portions of the fractal, which are new / blank.

  • You can zoom into /out of the fractal by double clicking with the mouse. If you double click onto any point in the window using the left mouse button, then you zoom into the fractal at this point by a factor of 2. The image is scaled and totally recalculated, so directly after having double clicked you still have an idea of how the image will look like. Other programs simply clear the window and so you have to wait some time before you see whether you zoomed in at the right place.

  • If you double click using the right mouse button, then you zoom out by a factor of 2. Again, the image will be scaled.

  • If you prefer box zooming, then there are two possibilities: You can choose menu item 'Fractal/Select' to bring up a selection box, which you can move around (by dragging it) or which you can resize (by dragging one of the control points at the edge). After the box defines the correct location to zoom in / out, you can choose menu item 'Fractal / Zoom / Boxzoom in / out'

    How difficult! And now an easier method:

    Simply hold down the Shift-key on your keyboard and spawn up a selection box, i.e. press the left mouse button at any location in the window and while holding down the button move the mouse around.

    You can adjust the box, if you like.

    If you want to zoom in / out, simply double click with the mouse into the rectangle using the left mouse button for zooming in, and the right button for zooming out.

  • Sometimes it may happen that you want to preserve the old image, but you want to zoom in, i.e. you want to duplicate the image and zoom in into the cloned ones. To make these steps easier simply hold down CTRL-Key on your keyboard and zoom in (works with box zoom, too). This way ChaosPro clones the window and zooms in using the copy.

  • You can resize the fractal by simply resizing the window. The whole image will be scaled to give you a good overview of how the image will look like after resizing.

    Note: Applicable only if 'Scrollbar' is set to OFF, because otherwise the fractal size is independent of the window size. The fractal can be resized using the Size window, too. This window offers several standard window sizes for your convenience.

Fractal window Context menu

The fractal window itself has a context menu attached: If you hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and then press the right mouse button, then the context menu appears. It is basically the same as Menu/Fractal.

Mouse actions in 3D mode

If you are in standard 3D mode (i.e. not OpenGL), then the only action possible is resizing the window.
If you are currently using the OpenGL mode, then the following mouse actions are supported:

  • Holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse left/right will change the horizontal observer angle: In other words, you will rotate around the fractal horizontally.
  • Holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse up/down will change the vertical observer angle: In other words, you will rotate around the fractal vertically.
  • Holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse up/down will change the distance from the fractal.