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Release 4.0

Register as a Formula Author

Dear Formula Author,

After having registered you can log in with your user data. After having logged into the formula database you can start uploading files or creating directories (via web form). Not only you can upload formula files, but also you can upload HTML documents (help pages) and images.

Note:   You may put ULR's to these help pages into your formulas or you may even link directly to your help pages on www.chaospro.de. The base link is http://www.chaospro.de/formulas/, then append the path from the formula database.

Special priviledges apply: They allow you to create directories below your own directories and below any directory which is owned by the special user "Everybody". You can upload files only into directories of your own or into a directory which is owned by "Everybody". You can overwrite files only if you are the owner of the file.

Please note that you can only upload files whose type is allowed to be uploaded to the system: For example, *.exe files are not allowed.

This name will be displayed as the owner of your files: The formula database browser lists the owner of each file and directory.
You log into the formula database by using this userid. It won't appear anywhere in the formula database.
Please choose a password: You will need userid and password to log in.
Please supply your email adress here: In case you forgot your password I will send it to this email adress.
Optional: Your homepage...